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gSyncit and Missing DLL installation

If you encounter the above message while installing gSycnit this may indicate a problem with the installation package or a possible permissions issue on your system preventing the installation from completing. The most common case is that the current user account does not have permissions to read/execute components from the Windows user temp folder. This issue also may indicate you do not have rights to update the program files directly as well.

When the installer runs it extracts all the files to the Windows temp folder and executes a custom action from the temp folder as a required step in the installation. If permissionson on temp folder do not allow the installer to execute applications then the installation will fail. Further, if the system permissions does not allow the installer to copy files to the Windows program files folder this again will cause the installer to fail.

The easier work-around is to run the installation with elevated perissions (as administrator) or adjusting the temp folder permissions. Please see the recommended resolutions below...

  1. Run Windows Updates and make sure you have all Windows updates installed.

  2. Manually create the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Fieldston Software\gSyncit

  3. Adjust the permissions on the temp folder...

    1. Locate the folder C:\Users\(current user)\AppData\Local\Temp using the Windows file explorer

    2. Right-click the "Temp" folder from the Windows file explorer,

    3. Select Properties > Security

    4. Select Edit -> Add

    5. Type Everyone and click Check Names

    6. Click OK

    7. Check "Full control" for the Everyone group

    8. Save the dialog by clicking OK.

    9. Try running the gSyncit installation again. 

    10. IMPORTANT: When the installation is complete remove the "Everyone" permission from your Temp folder.

  4. If you continue to have issues and using Windows 8 you can also try running the gSyncit installer with elevated permissions by opening the Windows Task Manager and running the gSyncit installer with the option to create this task with administrative privileges enabled as shown below. Click File / Run new task / locate the gSyncit installer, select "Create this task with administrative privileges" and run the installation.